Friday, November 23, 2012

Gingerbread Man Cookies

Every year during the holidays (which are fast approaching!), I put together a gingerbread house and make other gingerbread cookies as well. Gingerbread men or gingerbread people are a classic shape and so easy to decorate. I could have spent more time covering most of the cookie in icing to form a nice shirt, pants, tie and complete it all with shoes made of icing too, but it is much more reasonable to use a simple design.

I usually box or bag the cookies and end up making hundreds of them. With a simple design, I don't have to wait for layers of icing to dry and can also please the majority of people the cookies are given to since some do not like too much icing.

If you have a large batch of cookies to make, try icing them using a simple design to save time! :)