Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mother's Day Cookie Bouquet

Having a cookie exchange is a lot of fun because you only have to make one type of cookie, yet you get to try a wide variety of cookies. Why not create a Mother's Day Cookie Bouquet as well!

I usually participate in cookie exchanges around Christmas time, but this year I will be trying something a little different. I have decided that I would like to make a Mother's Day Cookie Bouquet containing different types of cookies, but would rather only make one type of cookie. Therefore, I will be hosting a cookie on a stick exchange!

For the exchange, I have asked each person to bring:
  1. Two dozen of their favorite cookies. (A dozen of which will need to be on individual sticks)
  2. A container in which to arrange their bouquet, filled almost to the top with rice. (a vase, cookie jar or flower pot)
  3. Ribbon of choice
  4. Clear cellophane
We will each receive two cookies from each person, one to put in our bouquet arrangement and the other to taste while the person who brought the cookie tells us a little bit about it.

We will then wrap each cookie-on-a-stick with cellophane and tie it with ribbon directly underneath the cookie.

Next, we will arrange the cookies into each of our containers

The Mother's Day Cookie Bouquets will then be complete!

I chose to ask each person to bring their favorite cookie rather than a specific type. If you would like to have a particular theme for the bouquets, that would be fun also. For instance, you can ask your guests to bring cookies with a garden theme (flowers, leaves, butterfly shaped etc.), drop cookies, cookie cutter cookies, biscotti, chocolate flavored and so on.


Anonymous said...

Just look at your lovely site! I'm so glad you visited me and led me here. Your blog is going into my favorites folder and I'm forwarding the link to my sister right now. Thank you!

Marie said...

Thank you grandmother wren. That is very sweet.