Thursday, October 11, 2012

Safe Driving in School Zones

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Being a parent of school aged children I am always worried about their safety, especially when they are on their way to and from school. A recent Ontario School Zone Safety Survey revealed that three quarters of Ontario parents surveyed witnessed drivers break the law within school zones. I myself have witnessed on several occasions, drivers speeding or not stopping when a school bus has the stop sign out. It doesn't come as a shock, but does scare me. Other parents get pretty angry and often comment by saying "did you see how fast they were driving?!". It's no wonder nearly one third of parents surveyed feared that their child would be involved in a vehicle accident during drop-off or pick-up at school.

According to the Insurance Hunter’s survey on driver safety in school zones many drivers put children at risk by speeding, talking or texting on a cell phone, not stopping at crosswalks or for crossing guards, as well as running red lights. The survey also disclosed that over one third of parents surveyed felt that safety procedures such as staying out of areas where parking was not permitted were not being followed. The reasons of those who admitted pulling into non-drop off/pick up area included being in a hurry, a full drop-off/pick-up zone and stopping only for a few minutes. I have seen how congested pick-up and drop-off zones can get, but stopping in non-designated areas slows things down even more. Fortunately, most of the schools in my area have designated drop-off/pick-up areas, but I'm sure there are some schools that don't have a pick-up/drop-off zone.

Both the Ontario Schools and parents need to work together to improve safety within school zones. For more details about the survey results or auto insurance visit



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