Sunday, March 27, 2011

Camoflauge Gingerbread and Sugar Cookie Men with Matching Gingerbread Dogs

I made these camoflauge gingerbread cookie men, sugar cookie men and gingerbread dogs for my brother in law's birthday. He loves to go hunting and has a dog so I thought it would be fitting to make camoflauge men and dog shaped cookies to go with them. Everyone ate most of the cookies before dinner, but my sister was sure to save the giant cookie men for them to enjoy later. I used the giant persson cookie cutter from my Wilton 101 Piece Cookie Cutter Setfor the big cookies and for the regular sized ones, I used the dog and regular size person from the same set.

I usually don't use such dark colors since I usually make bright girly cookies, but this was a fun experiment. My brother in law's eyes are blue and I had already mixed about six colors for these cookies so I took a shortcut and used my wonderful edible ink markerfor the blue part of the eyes. I just waited for the icing to dry and then drew on the blue parts.

I also used the same blue edible ink markerto monogram the dog collar with a D, which is the first letter of the dog's name. I kept the icing on the dog simple since it took so long to make the many many camoflauge cookies. I can't even remember how many I made! :) I was also thinking that some people may not like too much icing on their cookies and would enjoy these cookies as well. Apparently I was wrong, because this group loved for the sweet royal icing to cover the whole cookie!


Danielle said...

Following you via the All Week Blog Hop over at The Mommy Chronicles

Unknown said...

That looks wonderful! I love the little dog biscuit :)

Unknown said...

Hahaha love it, I have some brothers-in-law these would be perfect for!